ARDF – KLFox2015 – Writeup

The gloomy weather herald the early Saturday morning at Taman Tasik Permaisuri. We were already at the site at 6:00 am but the key persons were still missing. After a long wait, the fox marshals were still not in sight but no matter what, the beacons had to be sychronised at 8:00 am sharp in order to meet the flag-off time of 9:00 am. Worrying part was that only Ee – 9W2WHT and Budi – 9W2BDE ( both Fox Master and Course Marshal ) knew where the site locations for the 5 foxes and the other fox marshals are in the blank. It was a rush to deploy the beacons and the fox marshals to the different sites.

Approaching  the starting time, the skys opened up throwing a big drenching buckets of rainfall causing everyone to rush for cover in the canopies erected the night before. Somebody forgot to consult the assistance of a rain bomoh.

We will be Hunting in the rain
We will be Hunting in the rain

Whilst we were waiting for the rain to minimise, we  had to brief the hunters ( especially the newbies ) on the rules. Since it was going to be a rather wet and soggy hunt, we had to retimed the staggered flag-offs, such that every 5 minutes a group of hunters will be released into the hunt. Just think of the poor fox marshals who were out in the open during the heavy downpour.


Well, it’s not easy to locate the foxes due to the size and undulating landscape of the park. Only fox beacons No.3 and No.5 could be heard at the starting point. The other three could only be heard as you approached the further southern part of the park.

Where are the foxes?

The locations can be seen on the topographic map of Taman Tasik Permaisuri below …

Location of all the 5 foxes
Location of all the 5 foxes

For some of the hunters, it was so close and yet so far.

This time, many of the more experienced hunters got stumped and resulted in dismal performances. Looks like the beginners did a better job with one team bagging all the 5 foxes in just under 90 minutes! Maybe, the old hunters need to pick up some new tricks from the newbies.

Photos are from the organisers and participants.

Congrats to all the hunters, organisers and helpers. Hope we can have more hunts in the near future.

73 de Musang


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