Banna Doem ARDF – The Results

Banna Doem ARDF – Results

There were a total of 3 Categories.
They consisted of the Thai Open – 6 Teams, Under 40 – 3 Teams and Upper 40 – 4 Teams.

Under 40 Category and youngest competitor.
Under 40 Category and youngest competitor.

Results as follows. ( See the photo below, I can’t write Thai )


Anyway, Malaysian Team 2 consisting of Lee – 9W2YCL and Chow – 9M2CF won the Upper 40 Category by bagging 3 Foxes in a total run time of 113.56 minutes. It may look good for that category but just look at the overall results.

Above 40+ Category with Chow being the oldest participant
Above 40+ Category with Chow being the oldest participant

In the Thai Open Category, the 1st Place bagged all 5 foxes with a run time of only 70.23 minutes while the rest who caught all 5 foxes did that in not exceeding 106.08 minutes.

Wonder what high octane stuff were they running on? Tom Yam Kung extra hot formula?

Would be interesting to see how these people perform in future international ARDF events like IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships.

Banna Doem ARDF – Where were the foxes hidden?


After the ARDF event and with all the presentations done, we went back to the motel to have a quick bath and collected our bags before heading back towards Hatyai. We did really enjoyed the hospitality of the Thai hams both in Banna Doem and Hatyai.

Hope that next year there will another of this event again in Thailand where we can join in the fun.

More photos are available at



Photos shown are from the contributions of:  Thanayos Rzq.; YC Lee; WC Chow; KC Lim

Event successfully organised by the Bannadoem Multiply Group of HS8 Land.

Written by Musang

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